Street Fashion Sneakers Are Back

Street Fashion Sneakers Are Back

Dior may be the King of High Fashion, but when it comes to street style, there's a new sheriff in town. Gone are the days when fashionistas would turn their noses up at anything that wasn't designer. Now, it's all about finding the coolest, most unique pieces from emerging labels and streetwear brands. And the best part is, you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look. 

One really cool fashion statement that has gained a lot of attention is colorful retro styled sneakers and canvas boots. I make them and sell them and I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me. For my own use, I also find street fashion gold at thrift stores, garage sales, and anywhere someone didn't realize the gem they had.

Most of the time, something may just need cleaning to have it's personality revealed. Other times, I may make a conspicuous repair that puts my own stamp on it. There is another aesthetic in street fashion that I love equally as much and have spent an embarrassing amount of time on Instagram over. It's a high end look made with textured fabrics and workmanship stylized as approachable. This might be something like a shiny bubble jacket paired with art print sweatpants or an oversized canvas art bag with an orange daddy hat. For me, the sneakers are the kicker (pardon the pun). That makes whatever your wearing, magic. It's the punctuation that gives meaning to the sentence! It's where your body touches the Earth. That sounds really important, doesn't it?

Make finding colorful retro sneakers or canvas boots your next mission. It'll pay off.


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